IAGG workshop: health promotion program on prevention of late onset dementia.

J Nutr Health Aging. 2011 Aug;15(7):562-75.


IAGG, WHO, and SFGG organized a international workshop on Health promotion programs on prevention of late on-set dementia. Thirty world specialists coming from Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia, shared their experience on methods and results of large epidemiological interventions to reduce incidents of dementia or delay its on-set. Chaired by Laura FRATIGLIONI, an expert in Epidemiological studies on dementia issues, the workshop gave opportunity for discussions and controversies about the state-of-the-art. Based on different national and international trials (ADAPT, MAPT, FINGER, GUDIAGE, GEM etc) the questions remained opened for different aspects of methodology, the choice of domain or multi domain intervention, the choice and the definition of the target populations, the best age of candidates, the issues related to the discrepancy between late effects, and interventions' duration. We are please to publish in the Journal, the presentations presented to this workshop. These publications will complete previously task force published in the journal in the last two years on methodological issues for Alzheimer's trials including end point, biomarkers, and the experience of past therapeutic trials.

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