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Kiliaan group has strong focus on vascular factors in AD and neurodegeneration in general in relation with diet interventions. Kiliaan  actually comes from a nutritional industry background and has established her laboratory in academia a few years ago. At the department of Anatomy and department of Cognitive Neuroscience, extensive knowledge is present on haemodynamics and vascular wall biology, (functional) neuroanatomy and histology of the brain and neurodegenerative diseases. The department of Anatomy has a long history of experience with histological, immunohistochemical and electron microscopy techniques, that will be applied in this project to investigate the pathology of blood vessels in the brain. The research group works in very close collaboration with the department of Radiology. The main research focus of the department of Radiology concerns biomedical applications of Magnetic Resonance (MR) with topics haemodynamics and energy metabolism in small rodents and vascular assessment by MRI using various contrast agents. MR instruments with high field power of 7 Tesla and 11.7 Tesla will be used for advanced Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL) MR technology and the so called Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) technology to enable to determine neuron damage in an early phase and connectivity between brain areas and white matter lesions in mice brain.


Prof. Amanda J Kiliaan
Department of Anatomy and Department of Cognitive Neuroscience
Faculty of Medicins, Donders Centre for Neuroscience
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