18.02.2014, Diet’s impact on Alzheimer’s dementia tested

Article on CommNet

16.01.2014, Die Anti-Alzheimer Diät

News article in German Newspaper "Saarbrücker Zeitung" about LipiDiDiet scientist Dr Grimm and his studies at Saarland University.

28.11.2013, Alzheimer mice stay healthier on a 'Mediterranean' diet

Full article in Dutch on

30.10.2013, New study by researchers at Saarland University demonstrates preventive effect of plant sterols in Alzheimer’s disease

It’s no secret that many of the phytochemicals in fruit and vegetables have a positive effect on our health. For instance, plant sterols (also known as phytosterols) help to lower cholesterol levels.

09.10.2013, Symposium: Role of nutrition in cognition - impact on brain structure and function

December 9, 2013 Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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